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Milwaukee, WI Attorney Louis Baureis

Louis began his legal career in 1990 representing accident victims and their families, after graduating from Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. Lou joined Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer in 2004 as a Senior Trial Attorney, and continues that role today.


Since joining the firm, Attorney Baureis has tried numerous jury trials, winning praise for his courtroom work from judges, defense and other plaintiff’s attorneys.

In one of his more recent trials, he represented a client injured in a serious auto accident. Another prominent personal injury law firm dropped the case, when the defendant refused to offer any type of settlement. Lou believed in the client and so did the jury, when they awarded him $873,000.

Not only does Attorney Baureis handle serious and complex personal injury cases, he also has represented families where a wrongful death took place as a result of a bad accident. He uses his knowledge and experience in these sensitive type of cases. Lou also has a great deal of skill and compassion when communicating with the families.
Throughout his career he has represented thousands of accident victims and their families. In many instances, out of court settlements are in the best interest of his clients and Lou has successfully negotiated the cash and benefits his clients deserve.

Personal Philosophy

“Regardless whether the case goes to trial or settles out of court, I understand what accident victims are going through, and the importance of taking the time to explain their legal rights and best course of action. I find my job very rewarding when clients come to fully understand and appreciate my work on their behalf.”

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