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Personal Injury Victim Client Stories

Testimonials From Our Law Firm Clients from Milwaukee, Wisconsin & Ohio

Gendlin, Liverman Rymer attorneys focus strictly on personal injury cases. Whether your accident was the fault of another person driving any type of vehicle or a work-related injury, we evaluate every potential case on its own merits. We’ll tell you if we think you have a case.

Our lawyers have successfully handled a wide range of cases including work-related injuries and drunk driving accidents, and we don’t shy away from the difficult ones. We have the resources to bring in experts to help you prove your case, including medical experts and accident reconstruction specialists.

We want you to get a the most cash and benefits possible. GLR will work hard to see that you have a good story to tell about your case, just like our happy clients below.

Daniel W
It was a sunny, July, summer day when my world was turned upside down. I was on my way to work, when I was involved in a significant automobile accident.

After the accident I was hospitalized and I didn’t know what to do. I had a traumatic brain injury and was having problems with memory and thinking. My girlfriend’s mother had been involved in an automobile accident before me and told me about the Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer law firm.

I contacted them and partner Tim Rymer came to visit me, as I could not make it to their office. Right from the start, the defendant’s insurance company did not believe they were legally responsible for my injuries. However, Attorney Rymer never gave up on my case and was dedicated to getting me the settlement I deserved.

He always kept me informed about the progress of the case and the communication from his staff was always helpful and responsive to my needs. With Attorney Rymer’s hard work and persistence, the insurance company eventually paid their 1 MILLION DOLLAR policy limit* and I received the settlement that I deserved.

I’m glad to say that I have been able to return to work as a personal trainer. I can’t thank Attorney Rymer enough and I would proudly recommend him to other potential clients who were involved in a significant automobile accident.

Daniel Wiktorek

(*$987,538 paid to Daniel Wiktorek and $12,462 paid to other claimants.)

Jacob G
My life was forever changed on September 10, 2004. My son, Jacob Gosselin was killed in an automobile accident at the age of 16. After the accident and in the midst of our heartbreak, we knew we needed help to bring the individuals responsible for his death to justice.
A friend of mine recommended the law firm of Gendlin, Liverman and Rymer. I first met with Attorney Liverman and he advised us in detail how the claim would proceed. This wasn’t the first time he had represented parents whose child was killed in an accident. Attorney Liverman and his partner, Attorney Rymer handled our case with compassion and sensitivity.
Immediately after the accident and before evidence could disappear, they hired an accident reconstructionist to determine exactly what happened. The insurance company refused to make any offer to settle our case and help bring closure to our family, so we could heal and move forward with our grief.

Attorney Liverman advised us in our first meeting that based on his experience, the insurance company would try to delay the claim. He was right, and our attorneys were prepared for this. When this happened, they filed a lawsuit on our behalf. During the lawsuit, the insurance company tried again to delay the case, but Attorney Rymer wouldn’t let them get away with this.

Attorney Rymer kept up the pressure by bringing these tactics to the judge’s attention and forced the insurance company to pay the maximum settlement available of $500,000. Although there is still a hole in my heart for my son that will never be completely healed, Attorneys Liverman and Rymer did everything we asked them. They brought us justice and responsibility from the defendants.

Thank you,
Karen Gosselin

Terry P
One day I was out snowmobiling with family members. We hit a bump and the next thing I knew, I was thrown off the snowmobile and run over by another snowmobile. I was previously represented by an attorney at Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer, in a minor automobile accident case and felt good about my settlement, so I called them again. Throughout my case, my attorney always took my call or got back to me quickly. He took the time to listen and answer all my questions. While I wish the accident never happened, I was thankful to receive a $150,000 settlement.

Yours truly,
Terry Pietenpol

Heidi K
I was involved in a serious automobile accident as a passenger in a car driven by my mother. After the accident, the Milwaukee Police Department investigated and filed an official police report indicating that my mother was at fault for failing to yield the right-of-way to the other vehicle involved in the accident. In fact, my mother’s own insurance company believed the accident was my mother’s fault. They even hired a lawyer and wanted us to accept the $25,000 settlement from them, which was the maximum settlement under my mother’s policy. My mother did not believe the accident was her fault and neither did I. We didn’t know what to do. My mother is a registered nurse at a hospital in Milwaukee and she was talking to a doctor at the hospital about my case. This doctor recommended that we consult Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer before signing anything in my case.

When we met with a lawyer at Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer, he immediately advised us not to accept the $25,000 from my mother’s own company and not to sign the release. If we had signed the release from my mother’s company, it would have prevented us from receiving any other compensation from any other insurance company for my accident. After reviewing the police report, Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer advised us that they believed the accident was not my mother’s fault. Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer hired an accident reconstruction expert to evaluate the case. Based on their hard work and investigation, Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer eventually settled my case for a total of $293,000. When no one else believed in my case, my Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer attorney and his staff did. I am happy to have had the trusted team of Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer handle my personal injury case. Without them, I would have listened to everybody else and settled the case for $25,000 instead of the $293,000 settlement that Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer obtained for me.

Heidi Klotzbuecher

Susan A
In August of 2002 and in October of 2002, I was involved in automobile accidents. My chiropractor recommended that I contact Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer to represent me based upon their reputation. I had a very complex accident case because we had to separate the injuries that I had sustained in both accidents. I had also switched health insurance companies several times which complicated my case. I eventually had back surgery for the injuries I sustained in the accident. Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer were able to separate my injuries between my two accidents and got me great settlements on both cases. In fact, I received the maximum $100,000 policy limits for the second accident. Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer worked hard for me on my complicated cases. They are a trusted team of lawyers and I would recommend them to anyone involved in a serious automobile accident.

Susan Abramowski

Jeff W
My name is Jeff Wilson and I was in a serious automobile accident that changed my life. I was not able to work and my medical bills began piling up. I hired a well known personal injury law firm to handle my case. They worked on my case for close to 2 years. Then they decided to drop my case and not represent me anymore.

I had no idea where to turn or if anyone would take my case this long after the accident. I knew I had a complicated case so I just couldn’t turn to anyone. I needed someone with experience. Someone who knew how to handle an injury claim like mine.

I called Gendlin, Liverman and Rymer. After explaining my case to them, they agreed to represent me. They believed in me and my case, even after the defendant refused to make any offers to settle my case. We were forced to have a jury trial. Gendlin, Liverman and Rymer continued to work hard for me. They did not give up on me like my previous attorneys did. They stuck with me through the hard times and my continued medical treatment and pain.

In the end, their dedication and effort brought justice, and I received what I deserved for all that I had been through. The defendant did not make any offer to settle the case before the trial. The jury awarded me $873,000. I am so thankful to Gendlin, Liverman, and Rymer. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help because of a serious injury from a car accident.

With appreciation,
Jeff Wilson

Allen K
My name is Allen Klingenberg. I was referred to the Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer law firm by another attorney. As a result of the accident, I sustained permanent injuries to my chest and neck. Although I did not break any bones, the injuries are quite painful. Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer law firm obtained the maximum settlement from the defendant’s policy in the amount of $50,000. Throughout the course of the case, my Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer attorney kept me well informed about the progress of the case and answered all of my questions. I am most happy that he did not back down when the insurance company originally offered $19,000 to settle my case. He negotiated hard for me and eventually obtained the $50,000 maximum limit from the insurance company. I would be happy to recommend Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer’s services to anyone involved in an automobile accident.

Allen J. Klingenberg, Ph.D

Patrice P
My daughter and I were involved in an automobile accident. Another law firm referred us to Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer based on their reputation as tough, smart attorneys. My attorney at Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer handled our case very professionally and got us a fantastic settlement from the insurance company. I now know why the other law firm referred us to Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer. I would also be happy to recommend them to anyone involved in an automobile accident.

Patrice Pearson

Sara R
I was involved in an automobile accident. I tried to handle my case without an attorney being involved. After negotiating with the insurance company, I was not able to obtain a settlement that I thought was reasonable. I then saw Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer’s television ad and decided to give them a call. Through their hard work and dedication, Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer was able to double the amount of money that I was originally offered by the insurance company. They are a trusted team of lawyers and I am certainly happy to recommend them to anyone involved in an automobile accident.

Sara Racine

Clarence H
In 1997, I was involved in an automobile accident at which time I sustained minor injuries. Even though I had a small case, an attorney at Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer represented me and obtained an excellent settlement for me. Throughout the case he kept me informed about the status of all proceedings. When I was involved in a second automobile accident in 2001, I again called Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer. This accident was much more severe. My attorney and his staff did an excellent job handling this case as well. Just like the other case, they kept me informed about the status of my case at all times and kept in contact with me. They answered all of my questions and gave me great advice. Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer eventually obtained a settlement of $125,000 for my shoulder injury. I missed a significant time from work and had shoulder surgery, leaving me with a small disability to my shoulder. I am happy to recommend the firm of Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer to anyone involved in an automobile accident. In fact, he has also represented my daughter and my fiancee in automobile accidents.

Clarence Hines

Cathryn H
I was involved in an automobile accident. I hired a lawyer to represent me. About a year after I stopped going to the doctor, the attorney still did not have an offer to settle my case, so I decided to call Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer to represent me. They immediately took over my file from the other lawyer and began working on my case. They requested the records that my other attorney had failed to request and within a short period of time got an offer from the insurance company. Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer fought hard for me against the insurance company and got me a fantastic settlement. They settled my case for $38,000. I am so happy that they took over my file from the other lawyer. Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer made the process very easy for me and always kept me informed about the case. They are a trusted team of lawyers.

Cathryn Hintz

Barbara P
My name is Barbara Potts. Some jerk broke my toe by running over it in a car. My orthopaedic surgeon recommended an attorney at Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer and he said he would do an excellent job on my case. Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer obtained a $33,000 settlement for my broken toe. I am extremely happy with their ability to handle my case. They answered all my questions and obtained a very good settlement for me.

Barbara Potts

Roosevelt H
I was involved in an automobile accident and hired an attorney at Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer to represent me. Not only did he do an excellent job on my case, but he always kept me informed about how the case was proceeding. Since then, I have been involved in other automobile accidents and have always gone back to Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer because of their excellent handling of my original case. I have also referred several family members, including my brother, and friends to Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer. I would recommend them to anyone involved in an automobile accident. I’m sure that any future clients will be just as satisfied as I was with their representation.

Roosevelt Hall

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