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Milwaukee, WI Attorney Andrew R. Liverman

Andrew joined the firm in 1993 and is the Managing Partner at Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer. He graduated Cum Laude from Valparaiso University School of Law in 1992. Based on his scholastic achievements, Andy was selected to the Valparaiso Law Review.


Attorney Liverman began his career prosecuting criminals, but his professional goal was to represent clients and families involved in serious accidents or affected by a wrongful death.

Since joining the firm, Attorney Liverman has helped several thousand clients who were seriously injured in accidents. He has also represented several families whose children were tragically killed in accidents. Most recently, Andy settled a case for a family in the amount of $500,000, the maximum under Wisconsin state law.

Having litigated cases as a prosecuting attorney and now litigating cases in private practice, he knows how unfamiliar and challenging this experience can be for many clients. He encourages his clients to ask questions about the legal process and works hard to keep them informed as their case proceeds.

Professional Accomplishments

Over his career with Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer, Andy has helped the firm grow significantly in size. Based upon his hard work, Attorney Liverman, has been appointed, Managing Partner of the law firm.

Personal Philosophy

My philosophy is quite simple. With so many personal injury lawyers to choose from, I always try to work harder for my clients. I make sure to keep them informed and answer any questions they might have about their case in a timely manner.

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