Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Milwaukee Court

Family Of Teen Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Milwaukee Court

A civil Milwaukee WI wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the family of Corey Stingley nearly three years after their teenage son’s death. Stingley, 16 at the time, died after he was restrained by three customers during an attempted robbery of a West Allis convenience store. No criminal charges were filed in the case, prompting backlash in the community at the time.

Stingley was restrained by three customers at VJ’s Food Mart, Mario Laumann, Jesse R. Cole and Robert W. Beringer, after he he was caught attempting to shoplift alcoholic beverages. Stingley became unconscious after he struggled with the three customers, and was taken to a hospital. He died more than two weeks later after being kept on life support; the cause of his death was a lack of oxygen which led to serious brain damage.

Although criminal prosecutors did not bring criminal charges because they determined the three customers had no intent to harm Stingley and were unaware of any substantial or unreasonable risk of great bodily harm, Stingley’s family obviously feels differently. The lawsuit seeks financial damages from the three customers, in addition to the the company that owns the store and various insurance companies, as the result of what the family has called a “civil conspiracy” to harm the teenager.

While of great public interest to the Milwaukee WI community, the lawsuit is still in its primary stages. Accordingly, it may take many months or even years before a settlement between the parties is reached, or the case reaches a trial.

Basics of Milwaukee WI Wrongful Death Lawsuits

As the Corey Stingley case shows, there is a drastic difference between criminal charges such as murder or manslaughter, and a civil case for wrongful death. While criminal charges are brought by the government seeking penalties such as jail time, civil law suits for wrongful death revolve around claims for financial compensation. Additionally, the burden of proof is different for a criminal case than for a civil case, making it simpler for a family of a deceased loved one to receive justice through the route of the civil law system than the criminal process.

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