Fatal Hostage Stand-off Prompts Wrongful Death Consideration

A December 5th hostage standoff and shooting at Eagle Nation Cycles on Main Street in Neenah has resulted in the death of victim, Michael Funk, aged 60. The family of Michael Funk is considering a wrongful death lawsuit on the grounds that the owners were negligent.

45-year-old Brian Flatoff proceeded to the cycle shop on Saturday over a dispute with some indication that he intended to beat up an employee and retrieve a bike previously sold to the shop.

Hostages were taken and at some point Funk, who was inside when Flatoff entered, fled, was ordered to drop a weapon and was shot either by an officer or from inside the building. Funk’s family is questioning whether he should have been shot at and killed and expressing concern over the officer’s actions.

Situations of potential police brutality or misconduct are incredibly highly charged in today’s society. It can be difficult to decide to move forward with a personal injury claim or wrongful death suit even if you believe that the actions of an officer were unfair and not reasonable at the time of the situation. Having evidenced information like video feeds or eye witness testimony could be essential for filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

It can be very difficult for a family to determine how to move on after a loved one has been injured in an accident like this, which is why Wisconsin personal injury law allows eligible family members to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

If an individual is found legally responsible for the deceased’s injuries and resulting death, then the family may be entitled to receive compensation for their suffering and losses. Make sure you consult with a knowledgeable Wisconsin wrongful death attorney before filing a suit as there are time limitations and also specific factors that must be considered before you begin a lawsuit.

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