Investigators Use Drones to Chase Workers’ Comp Fraud Suspects in Milwaukee, WI

Private investigator Mike Stanfield, with the Apex Investigation Group, has been stalking workers compensation fraud suspects from afar. He no longer has to use a long lens on a camera while staking out a house for hours. These days he simply fires up his drone camera and catches the unsuspecting worker comp fraudsters up close and red handed.

With today’s technology it has made his Milwaukee workers’ comp investigation service much easier. Stanfield uses many other devices like remote cameras, motion sensing cameras and small hidden cameras to catch people defrauding the Wisconsin workers comp system. You can even help crack down on fraud yourself by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to report any claim fraud that you see.

Stanfield said he used to stay on a stake out for hours or days and many times for weeks on end to catch people. “Now with all of this great technology it can do the dirty work for you” said Stanfield. “I’m constantly looking for the next new technology tool to add to my arsenal of investigation tools.”

He once caught a supposed “disabled man” tossing around 200 pound rocks while re-landscaping his property. All it required was to send Stanfield’s remote camera drone up for a short flight from a block away to the suspects home. The workers’ comp fraudster didn’t even know he was getting photographed. The photos Stanfield took were enough to convict the man of filing a false workers’ compensation benefit claim.

“If you are on any property that does not have a privacy fence around it, you are fair game for the drone camera,” Stanfield added. With so many people exaggerating or even faking workers comp injuries these days, this technology helps to level the playing field. If we can keep people from filing false claims the cost of the insurance would be far less.

“I’m not here to pull your workers’ comp benefits if you have a legitimate injury,” said Stanfield. “I’m here to crack down on the people that blink the system and cost taxpayers billions of dollars in fake workers’ comp claims in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and nationwide.

We’ve seen “disabled” workers running around playing soccer with their kids despite having a debilitating back injury. Another guy was caught doing heavy construction work on their house in Milwaukee, WI while claiming to be so disabled that he could not walk without the aid of crutches.

For those that think this method of workers’ compensation fraud investigation is wrong, all I have to say is that you have nothing to worry about if you are truly injured. You have a right to getting an insurance claim if your injuries are not fabricated.

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