2015 is the Deadliest Deer Season in Five Years

With two deaths and four hunters wounded, the 2015 deer hunting season, which ran through December 6th, is the deadliest in the past five years. Sadly, many of the accidents that happen on hunting grounds are completely preventable and the number of serious injuries impacting hunters and other individuals could be reduced by following several safety tips.

On Sunday, November 29, a hunter was killed passing a loaded rifle and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reports that several have violated very fundamental rules of hunting safety.

Keep Weapons in Check – Even When You’re Not Using Them 

Hunters must treat even a disarmed weapon as being loaded, keeping the safety on and always pointing it away from people.

Another tip for avoiding serious accidents while engaging in hunting is to keep your emotions in check. A target should always be in front, climbing should always be undertaken with an unloaded gun and a target should always be clearly identified before a shot is taken.

Considering Safety at All Times With Hunting

All hunters have to go through a basic training course in order to receive their permit but it is essential to also take extra steps to identify yourself as a hunter. Wearing the proper clothing and having gear with you is essential for allowing others to identify you as a hunter when you are in wooded areas or other locations where it is difficult for people to tell the difference between animals and humans.

It is also a good idea to have a basic first aid kit with you and some form of communication, should you need to call for help. Employing these safety tips could be critical in preventing accidents. Whenever guns are involved, the likelihood of a critical or serious accident increases dramatically. Anyone attending a hunting event with you who has not been properly trained should be made aware of the serious risks associated with hunting as an ongoing activity. One person could seriously jeopardize the safety of everyone if he or she is not fully prepared to keep safety at top of mind during the outing.

Following safety tips and being sure to educate everyone who attends the hunting expedition with you about the value of safety is essential for protecting not just your life but theirs as well. You could be a part of making 2016 a year with much less hunting injuries or deaths in Wisconsin.

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