Car Accidents Up After Wisconsin Speed Limits Raised

Last summer, the speed limit was raised to 70 MPH for most of Wisconsin’s interstate system. Now, recent statistics show that this change was accompanied by a rise in Wisconsin car accidents and Wisconsin traffic injuries.

According to the Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety, accident statistics show that crashes from the months of June, July, August and September increased by 13% over the same time period in 2014 and 16% over 2013. Predictably, injuries and deaths from these auto accidents in Wisconsin have also increased over the past two years.

Although the numbers certainly make a strong preliminary case for the rise in accidents being tied to higher speed limits, it is still too early to tell whether there is a direct correlation.

“It’s not necessarily the speed itself that causes problems all the time. A lot of times it’s the differential in speed. A lot of highways don’t have minimum speed limits, and that’s where the problem comes — when cars close in on each other too fast,” said Capt. Steve Krueger, commander of the State Patrol’s post in Wausau.

Sheriff of Juneau County, Brent Oleson, said speeding drivers isn’t necessarily the greatest danger on Wisconsin roadways, especially not with most drivers now carrying cell phones in their cars.

[People] need to know if they get a call or text message, they need to wait,” said Oleson. “A lot of it is a combination of speed and distracted driving. There’s less room for error the faster you’re driving.”

It will be interesting to see if incidents of Wisconsin auto accidents continue to rise as a result of people driving at higher speeds and not paying attention to the road. Unfortunately, we have seen the damage that negligent drivers can do when they cause catastrophic motor vehicle crashes which injure or even kill the innocent people involved.

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