wet weather driving in Milwaukee

Top Guidelines for Driving on Wet Roads in Milwaukee

According to information from the Milwaukee County Sherriff’s office, more than 53 incidents were reported on the freeway during a recent bout of slippery winter weather. In order to avoid being a victim in a personal injury accident like this, you can do your part by engaging in defensive driving. Some of the best defensive driving tips to deploy while operating your car in slippery conditions include:

  • Turning on your headlights in snowy or rainy conditions
  • Avoiding the use of cruise control
  • Always buckling children into approved safety seats
  • Staying clear of distracted driving behaviors
  • Knowing when you are too impaired to operate a vehicle
  • Having your car checked for maintenance throughout the winter season
  • Adhering to speed regulations

One other critical tip is knowing when it’s too dangerous to go out at all. Sometimes, winter weather can easily get the best of you, so take heed of weather warnings and understand what your car can and cannot do. Being able to determine when your trip out is not an emergency could prevent a major accident or even save your life.

Many individuals lose control of their car in slippery conditions, which can generate serious injuries. Not paying attention for even a moment of time could lead to a critical vehicle accident that renders you liable for another individual’s injuries. If you or someone you know has already been hurt because of another driver’s negligence, you may benefit from the insight of an experienced Milwaukee personal injury attorney.

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