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Most accident victims feel they can give statements to insurance companies because they will be truthful. However, accident victims are not experienced professionals and what may seem like harmless conversation can be a legal trap.

An insurance company may call and say they need to take your recorded statement about how the accident happened and the severity of your injuries, before they can make any payments. Don’t give them a statement (3). An insurance company does not need a recorded statement from you before they pay your claim.

In many instances, the insurance company takes a statement in order to use your recorded words against you to deny or reduce your claim. Our firm routinely settles cases with insurance companies without our clients having to give statements. An experienced lawyer can help to prevent an insurance company from tricking you into saying things that can hurt your case.

Before speaking to any insurance company (3), including your own, please contact Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer for free legal advice.

Mistake #1 – Giving Statements to Insurance Companies











Mistake #2 – Handling Your Case Without the Help of a Trusted Attorney

Mistake #3 – Trusting Insurance Companies to Look Out for Your Rights

Mistake #4 – Failing to Get Timely Medical Treatment and Documenting Your Injuries

Mistake #5 – Failing to Get Treatment Because of a Lack of Health Insurance

Mistake #6 – Not Taking Photographs of Your Damaged Vehicle

Mistake #7 – Taking Your Car to an Insurance Companies “Pre Approved Body Shop” for Repairs

Mistake #8 – Cashing an Insurance Check or Signing a Release Form Before Having an Attorney Review It.

Mistake #9 – Failing to Take Photographs of Your Visible Injuries

Mistake #10 – Failing to do a Thorough Accident Scene Investigation and Not Getting Witness Statements

Mistake #11 – Not Documenting Your Lost Wages and Income