Horse-Drawn Conveyance Death in Vesper Brings Cautionary Reminder

A Vesper man died on a county road in Hansen after his horse-drawn wagon was hit by a pickup on Friday, November 20th. In the process of the accident happening, a ten year old boy was also thrown. In particular, Wisconsin drivers need to be aware of Amish conveyances in rural areas to avoid accidents.

Avoiding Accidents With Buggies/Carriages

In Ohio, another State with a large Amish population, the Department of Transportation warns about reduced closure time when coming up on a horse-drawn carriage or wagon. In a 55-mile per hour zone, an individual only has 44 feet and six seconds of reaction time to avoid a collision.

You must be aware that rural roads can be narrow with gravel berms and deep ditches that hinder reaction choices, and that the conveyance driver might not even see an approaching car if pulling, for example, a heavy hay load. Statistics indicate that 65% of road fatalities happen in rural areas and half of those are on country roads.

Being aware of your surroundings and following all Wisconsin laws related to driving is one way to avoid serious accidents. Being injured in a car accident because you were not paying attention can be devastating. It can be even more frustrating if you are the victim of an accident or somebody else’s negligence is the cause of your injuries. In the midst of dealing with your medical bills and treatment, you may be concerned about your next steps.

What to Do If You’re in an Accident

While some accidents are truly just accidents, many of them are caused by someone’s negligence. Determining negligence in a personal injury accident is critical, becuase it establishes legal liability. Someone determined to be legally liable for causing an accident could be held accountable in court for paying compensation to the other party.

An individual hurt in a Milwaukee auto accident may have significant medical bills and may be struggling financially as a result of being unable to return to work. Since there is no way to turn back the clock and stop the accident from happening, personal injury law in Wisconsin recognizes the right of victims to file a personal injury claim.

Consulting with an experienced Wisconsin personal injury lawyer can give you some insight about your rights and responsibilities if you choose to move forward with a personal injury claim. The statute of limitations gives you a specific and narrow window in which to file your claim to receive potential compensation or you may be barred from filing a claim forever. Do not hesitate to contact an attorney, as it could be your important first step towards putting your life back together after a devastating accident.

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