Multiple Injures Reported After Car Accident Sets Milwaukee, WI Apartment Building on Fire

Milwaukee police arrested two drivers that had been drag racing causing one car to crash into an apartment building setting it on fire. Three people were transported to the hospital including one driver and two residence of the building. The car accident happened around 1:00am at 60th Street and Green Tree Road in Milwaukee, WI.

Milwaukee police reported that a Pontiac Grand Prix and a Toyota Camry, were racing when they hit each other sending the Grand Prix crashing into the apartment building. The resulting car crash started a large fire in the apartment building. One resident said after the accident, “I’m lucky to be alive”. People on the scene took quick action to get the injured people out of the car before they were engulfed in fire.

The occupant of the apartment, Veronica Jones, said she was asleep when the car crashed into her home sending her flying across the room. Luckly she was able to run out of the hole in the wall to reach safety as the car erupted in fire.

Two Wisconsin car accident victims including Veronica Jones and her roommate were transported to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries. The driver of the Grand Prix was also transported to a hospital for treatment.

The drivers of both speeding cars were arrested and booked into a Milwaukee, WI jail. They are now face felony charges of recklessly endangering safety by use of a motor vehicle.

The Milwaukee, WI car accident attorneys at GLR Accident Attorney advise drivers to not engage in unlawful street racing. It is very dangerous and if you are caught you could face serious felony reckless driving charges. If you are a victim of a car accident like this one make sure you protect your legal rights by hiring an experienced Milwaukee, WI car accident lawyer.

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