Think You Are Capable of Multitasking in the Car? Think Again

Far too many drivers seem very comfortable with talking on their cellphones while navigating busy streets. According to brain experts however, this is a terrible idea even when the individual is using a hands-free device.

According to researchers at the University of Michigan, driving while you are on your cellphone talking is aligned with a performance about as poor as if you were driving legally drunk. Tests conducted for individuals who were talking or texting on the phone indicate that these drivers miss many things in their visual periphery. Many drivers do not understand how much brain power is required to operate a vehicle and process all of the visual information necessary to coordinate precise movements and predict other driver’s actions.

Even with a hands-free device, the simple act of talking on the phone distracts the brain from the necessary power to focus on all these other details. The level of focus required to operate a vehicle changes with experience and time.

While a newer driver might be hesitant to talk on the phone or even to change the radio station, a more experienced driver is likely to feel more confident in his or her abilities. What this equates to however, is typically false confidence because many people are under the impression that they are driving the car safely even when they not fully paying attention.

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