Personal injury law is incredibly versatile and at the same time vast area of the law which involves a variety of different possible causes that could lead to a lawsuit. A slip and fall accident lawyer in Milwaukee is a personal injury lawyer who has specialized in taking cases related to one of the most common accidents involved in personal injury law – the slip and fall accident.

Extend Liability under Current Legislation

All owners in Milwaukee bear the legal responsibility to undertake all of the necessary steps to ensure that the property that they own or manage is safe for customers or visitors. This liability is particularly interesting because it would go further to extent to people who are not owners but are responsible for the care and as well as the control of the property such as tenants, for instance. If a customer has been involved and injured as a result of a slip and fall accident, he is fully capable of pursuing legal actions under the provisions set forth in the current legislation.

A slip and fall accident lawyer in Milwaukee is going to seek all possible compensation which may include compensations for pain, variety of different economic losses as well as suffering and basic emotional trauma such as the loss of the ability to take joy of life. There are several possible causes which may lead to a slip and fall accidents.

Wet or Icy Conditions of Walkways

This is probably one of the most common causes for slip and for accidents in the town of Milwaukee. It is important to note that the responsibility of the owner or manager of the property can in some cases be excluded. This would be the situation in which he has taken the necessary actions to alarm or prevent possible accidents. A simple sign that alerts the customer that the certain surface is dangerous would suffice. Your slip and fall accident lawyer in Milwaukee should conduct the required investigation in order to determine this fact because this would exclude the victim’s capability of filing a compensatory claim.

Improper Lighting

This is another probable cause for such a lawsuit. However, the provisions set forth in the active legislation are rather relative and thus open to interpretation by both the slip and fall accident lawyer in Milwaukee and the respective judicial authority. It is always rather risky to file claims on such grounds, but generally, lighting, which is incapable of providing enough light to the problem area should be considered as improper.

It is important to file your claims in a timely manner as the Statute of Limitations puts the possibility to file a motion in certain parameters. Contact us today


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