Senate Bill 405


Wisconsin Residents,

BEWARE! Your rights as victims are going to be eliminated unless you take immediate action!
An initial vote on Wisconsin Senate Bill 405 is to be taken in early February. Call your legislators now at 608-266-9960 or toll-free at 1-800-362-9472 and tell them to vote NO.

Who is harmed if SB 405 is enacted?

-Victims of drunk drivers, people who text and drive, and reckless drivers
-People who contribute to their health insurance
-Elderly on Medicare

Who benefits if SB 405 is enacted?
-Drunk drivers
– Drivers who text and drive
-Reckless drivers
-Automobile insurance companies

For over 100 YEARS Wisconsin’s collateral source law has fairly provided that an injured person may recover the reasonable value of medical services required to treat the injuries he or she sustained. The law further provides that the value of medical services is presumed to be amount of the medical bills. Evidence of the amount paid by someone else, a health insurance provider for example, referred to in law as a “collateral source” may not be introduced into evidence as a measure of the reasonable value of medical services.
As recently as March of 2012 the Wisconsin Supreme Court in the case of Orlowski v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co., 2012 WI 21, unanimously reaffirmed the soundness of the Collateral Source Rule because:
1. It acts as a deterrent of negligent conduct by placing the full cost of the wrongful conduct on the party responsible for causing injury.
2. It fully compensates the injured person.
3. It allows the injured party, not the negligent party, to receive the benefit of the premiums paid for health insurance coverage.

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