How to Encourage Safe Driving with Teenagers in Wisconsin

Whether your teenager has been driving for months or is just getting ready to hit the road, it’s a good idea to enforce positive behavior and safety tips. As the parent, even if you believe that your teenager is not paying attention to you, he or she does take a lot of cues from you in engaging in a new activity.

This is certainly the case with driving, so modeling bad habits can have very negative repercussions for your teenager. Use the following tips to help promote safety and prevent accidents in Milwaukee.

Use a Driving Contract

Many parents are willing to give the privilege of driving to their teenagers but there is a lack of understanding between the two parties about what represents responsible driving and what the consequences are of not following those rules.

A driving contract outlines things like when the teen is allowed to be behind the wheel of a car, whether or not other passengers are allowed in the vehicle, and the clear consequences for violating the rules in the contract. Simply having a written contract can make it easier when you do need to address a problem with your teen.

Minimize Distractions

It can be tempting to turn the radio dial, play music loudly, drink, eat or even apply makeup when you are in the car. If your teen is watching you and learning how to drive, your teen could begin to engage in those same bad behaviors. It also might lead the teen to think that not much focus is required to operate a car, and this is not true.

Teen drivers more than anyone need to pay special attention when they are behind the wheel of a car because they are more likely to be in accidents to begin with. Make sure you reinforce the behavior you want to see in your own teen by modeling it yourself.

Give them Plenty of Practice

In addition to the minimum hours required in Wisconsin before a teen driver can get a driver’s license, it is a good idea to spend some time with your son or daughter in various driving environments such as inclement weather conditions and city roads versus rural roads. Giving them more experience and tips as you work through these various potential challenges can help them feel more comfortable when they hit the road.

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