Milwaukee Accident Involves Vehicle, Police Car and Ambulance

The Milwaukee police recently investigated a personal injury accident happening at McKinley Avenue and 6th on New Year’s Eve. The police squad was traveling along towards the intersection with the sirens and lights activated in order to respond to an emergency call. A vehicle in the area did not yield to the squad and struck the police car.

The police car then collided with a private ambulance also in the area. Two officers from the accident were taken to an area hospital for minor injury treatment in addition to the passenger and the driver of the vehicle that initially hit the squad. Being involved in a personal injury accident like this can generate serious consequences.

Hitting a police car or an ambulance can generate all kinds of legal entanglements for the person ultimately responsible for the accident. Especially as it already dangerous to be driving in winter weather, not stopping properly for emergency vehicles with their sirens and lights activated could generate potential criminal penalties as well as personal injury negligence.

Always paying attention to the road and being aware of moving out of the way of emergency vehicles can help to prevent both civil and criminal penalties. No driver wants to be responsible for rendering a paramedic or a police officer unable to work for the rest of his or her life. So it is imperative to always pay attention to your mirrors and other signals that an emergency or police vehicle is approaching you. Stopping at all stop signs and being aware of red lights is another way to avoid collisions with these kinds of vehicles.

If you or someone you know has already been injured as a result of the driver not paying proper attention on the road, consult with a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later.

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