Samsung Testing Car Accident Avoidance System to Help Drivers See Through Trucks

One of our biggest driving frustrations is getting stuck behind a slow moving semi truck on a narrow two lane highway. If only you had a way to know when it was safe to pass the truck without getting into a car accident on a long and narrow Milwaukee road.

In a effort to reduce car accidents in Milwaukee and other areas around the world, Samsung is testing a new technology called See Through Trucks. The system involves mounting a wireless camera to the front of the truck and display the video of the road ahead of the truck on a four large LED screens mounted on the back of the truck. This system will allow drivers behind the truck to see what’s ahead allowing them to pass the slow moving truck safely while helping them avoid a car or truck accident. 

Samsung is currently testing the new truck system in Argentina where they hope to get valuable data on how the see through trucks help drivers avoid deadly car accidents. With it’s thousands of miles of narrow two lane roads the country is the perfect testing ground to prove the value of the system. Did you know that someone loses their life every hour on an Argentina highway. Road safety engineers are hoping that a system like this could help reduce many of these deadly car accidents.

The test program called “Safety Truck” must undergo many hours of testing before it can be used to reduce car accidents here in Milwaukee and other cities throughout the country. The test engineers believe it could take many years before this car accident avoidance system is fully operational on a large scale. Here in the US the National Transportation Safety Board will follow federal testing guidelines before any system like this can be used on highways here in the US and Wisconsin.

So far the tests are showing some reductions in car accidents due to cars passing trucks on two lane roads.

The Milwaukee car and truck accident attorneys at Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer are following this story and will keep you updated on any new story developements. Until then we strongly urge you to be very cautious when passing trucks on two lane roads. If you are involved in a semi truck or car accident in Wisconsin make sure you protect your legal rights by seeking representation from an experienced Milwaukee car accident attorney.

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