Milwaukee Attorney Reports that City Could Be Held Liable for Car Accident Injuries

Local man is injured in car accident due to a missing stop sign that was not replaced by city workers after a previous auto accident that took out the sign. Michael Quinones suffered broken bones and bruises when he rolled through the intersection at Fairmount and Hopkins that should have had a stop sign in his lane. Quinone’s car was hit broadside by a car coming from the side street which had the right away.

Both cars were seriously damaged and appear to be a total loss due to the Milwaukee area car accident. A witness to the accident said that both drivers are very lucky that they were not more seriously injured looking at how badly wrecked the cars are.

Quinones was treated for a broken collar bone, bumps and bruises at a local hospital. The driver of the other car did not require medical assistance following the car accident. He is obviously not very happy with the city as they failed to replace the missing stop sign for weeks following the car accident that took out the sign originally.

Quinones reported that he had no idea that he was suppose to stop at the intersection and just kept driving through it until the other car slammed into the driver’s side of his car pushing him sideways. He said that the car accident could have been far worst for both drivers and is lucky to be the only that suffered any accident injuries.

The Wilwaukee Car Accident attorneys at Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer noted that the city will most likely be held liable for any car accident damages. They also added that the car accident victims could potentially file an accident injury claim against the city for not properly maintaining a safe intersection.

The city urges you to report any issues with missing signs or malfunctioning traffic signals immediately by calling (414) 286-2489. After this accident the missing stop sign was quickly replaced by the city.

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