Teenage Driving, Milwaukee Car Accidents

On late Friday night, early Saturday morning in Milwaukee, a 15-year-old driver was involved in a motor vehicle accident that resulted in serious injuries. The police are still investigating the events which led up to and followed the crash.

According to authorities, an SUV was traveling westbound on Hampton near 69th at an alarmingly high speed when the driver lost control, and ran the car off the road. Unfortunately, the vehicle collided with a roadside tree at high speeds.

A 14-year-old male in the rear passenger seat was rushed to an area hospital with serious injuries. Another 14-year-old passenger and the 15-year-old driver suffered injuries which are believed to be not life threatening.

It is still unclear why the 15-year-old driver was speeding in an SUV after midnight on a Friday night; however, police report that the vehicle belonged to the driver’s father. An investigation is ongoing.

Unfortunately, this is the latest reminder that teenagers who do not have extensive experience behind the wheel pose a significant damage to others present on Wisconsin roadways. These drivers are more prone to speeding and distracted driving (texting while driving), and the statistics show that they account for an abnormally high amount of accident-related injuries.

No who caused your Milwaukee car or truck accident, you should know that there is relief available in the form of a personal injury lawsuit against negligent drivers. The compensation which may be available in these instances include your medical bills, lost wages, ongoing care, and even pain or emotional suffering.

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