OWI dirver arrested in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Driver Charged with OWI After Serious WI Car Accident

A Milwaukee, WI man is facing criminal charges after a motor vehicle accident in Lomira, WI, which left a number of the young passengers in his car seriously injured. The accident occurred on Interstate 41 just a mile north of State Trunk Highway 28 in the Township of Lomira on Sunday afternoon.

30-year-old Tory Agnew, of Milwaukee, was driving a 1998 Ford Contour north on the interstate when the car swerved onto the road’s gravel shoulder, veered back across both lanes, then rolled down the opposite embankment. The vehicle eventually came to a rest on its wheels at the bottom of the hill.

Agnew was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. One of his passengers, 21-year-old Marsha Williams, also of Milwaukee, sustained minor injuries. However, a one-year-old passenger was injured when the car rolled over and was taken to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. Two other children who were riding in the car, an as-yet unidentified six-month-old and a three-year-old, were both seriously injured after being ejected from the vehicle during the crash, and were taken by Flight for Life to Children’s Hospital.

According to police, the children were riding in car seats at the time of the wreck; however, they were likely not properly secured. Although the extent of Agnew’s intoxication is still unknown, he was charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), an indication that his negligence in getting behind the wheel while not sober contributed to the crash and catastrophic injuries suffered in the accident.

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