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Oak Creek Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident and suffered major injuries, you will need an Oak Creek car accident attorney to ensure you receive an appropriate level of compensation. Often, choosing an injury lawyer is a difficult process. We encourage you to use experience as your guiding criteria, and that is what our law firm offers you – experienced car accident attorneys to help you get the compensation you deserve. Our auto accident lawyers are well versed in Wisconsin law and know how to avoid the pitfalls that can harm your claim.

Our Oak Creek car accident lawyers at the law firm of Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer have decades of experience handling cases just like this. We are prepared to begin working on your auto accident case today. We know how to get the monetary results you deserve, a fact we have repeatedly proven with our outstanding track record. Our clients routinely receive significant compensation for the pain and suffering they have endured.

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Be sure you hire an attorney who has worked extensively with auto accident claims. Don’t risk losing the settlement you need to cover your medical bills and make up for the wages you’ve lost, when you can count on the experienced and ethical Oak Creek car accident lawyers at GLR. You need aggressive representation from our Oak Park auto accident attorneys – we deliver that and more.

The lawyers who comprise the firm of Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer actually believe in the concept of fair compensation for car accident victims who were injured due to the negligence of another motorist and through no fault of their own. That’s why at GLR we will provide a free legal consultation, and, if we take your case, we work on the basis of a contingency – it’s our absolute no fee guarantee.

Document Your Damages

The initial police report and the medical records from your medical visit constitute the beginning of the necessary paper trail after an auto accident. Our Oak Creek car accident lawyers stress the need to document your case and any resulting damages as completely as possible. This not only means keeping every note or piece of paper that is potentially associated with the claim, but you should also photograph your injuries, and the scene of the accident. It is also a good recommendation that you make some notes or even verbally record your memories of the incident while the details are fresh in your mind. Evidence dissipates over time – don’t delay.

GLR No Fee Guarantee

As you are dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident, paying medical bills, and still trying to take care of your family, the last thing you should be worried about is paying us. The car accident attorneys at Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer work on a contingency basis, which means, if we don’t win, you don’t pay.

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Based on your case, whether you receive a large settlement or a smaller one, we’ll keep you and your family informed on a regular basis, with an understanding and compassion for all you and your family are going through. Don’t just take our word for it, review our client stories to learn what they have to say.

And be sure to read Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer’s ’11 Mistakes That Cost Accident Victims Thousands of Dollars’. We provide this free to our clients and prospective clients. We would also like to offer a complimentary ‘What You Should Do First’ information sheet. We hope you and your family will find it very helpful.

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