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Huge Awards Are Back and Bigger Then Ever for Defective Product Injury Claims in Wisconsin

In 2014 huge jury awards made a big comeback for defective product injury awards. Over the past decade there has not been any billion-dollar product injury awards. Last year the largest award went to a family who’s loved one died at a very young age due to smoking. Their product injury award came in at over $30 billion. The second largest award last year was $9 billion for a victim of the drug makers of Actos. The product defect victim developed bladder cancer due to the diabetes drug.

This new trend is bad news for the large companies that make defective products. This trend has mostly affected companies that make automobiles, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We see news reports all the time about how people have suffered from defective products. This factor might be the biggest reason jurors have become very suspicious of these huge companies that make billions of dollars while seemingly not caring about the lives they affect.

The biggest part of a huge jury damage award is the punitive damages. Punitive damages have been used to punish companies for their careless actions that have resulted in someone falling victim to their bad product. But it is very common for these damages to get reduced through the appeals process.

Huge Product Liability Settlements Have Become Even More Common Now

Due to the upward trend of large jury awards companies are now more inclined to offer even larger settlements to avoid the long term damage to their brand name in a well publicized court cases. Companies giving out quick settlements before a case is tried is a good way for them to avoid bad press. Defective product lawyers are very aware of this fact and are pushing for huge punitive damage claims on behalf of their product liability victim clients.

The Biggest Product Liability Claims of 2014

Some of the biggest product liability cases last year involved a tobacco manufacturer and the drug maker of Actos. Both of these cases alone included well over $1 billion in 2014. The next biggest losers were Trinity Industries who paid $525 million when they did not properly report redesigns of their guardrail system. Following them Royal Philips paid $466 million when their medical device infringed on an existing patent. And finally Medtronic paid $393 million for a defective heart valve replacement device they marketed.

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