Why Won’t My Insurance Company Pay for My Car Damage?

An increasing number of property damage claims and car accident claims in Milwaukee are facing the challenge of an insurance company denying payments for the damage to the car. More often than not, property damage claims after a Milwaukee car accident are generally easy to resolve.

Recently, however, more attorneys have had to file lawsuits as a result of property damage. For an individual who has been injured in an accident already in Milwaukee, it can be frustrating to have to pursue the at-fault driver in a personal injury claim in addition to going after your insurance company when they have denied filing a claim.

The short answer to this question is that the insurance company is primarily focused on their bottom-line. Even though you might think that the insurance company is there to protect you, it doesn’t always mean that they will do what you think is right in a particular situation involving a car accident. One way to maximize an insurance company’s profits is simply to minimize what they pay out in claims.

Unfortunately for you, this might mean that they initially deny your claim. A claim against the other driver’s insurance company certainly means that they have no obligations to you so you can expect that your Milwaukee personal injury attorney may have to argue with that company about the extent of the car damage.

You can also use your experienced Milwaukee personal injury lawyer to help you if you are having problems with your own insurance company as it relates to car damage. Do not hesitate to get legal advice sooner rather than later in this particular situation.

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