South Milwaukee Neighborhood Home to Car Crash and Gas Leak

Residents from a South Milwaukee neighborhood were evacuated in mid-November as a result of a traffic accident that caused a gas line to break at a house. Although car accidents on their own can be very dangerous for victims, pedestrians and cyclists in the area, the additional challenges associated with the gas line breaking present even bigger risks for accidents.

According to the South Milwaukee police department, the driver causing the accident accidentally hit the accelerator pedal as opposed to the brake before crashing into the house and this led to one driver being taken to the hospital with injuries.

What To Do If You’re In a Similar Accident

If you are involved in an accident where it appears that a power line or gas line or other type of line has been injured as a result of the accident, you need to ensure your own safety before getting out of the vehicle.

Contacting the authorities should be your first line of defense to notify them of a possible issue so that they can dispatch the appropriate individuals to investigate the situation. Trying to get help from other individuals and keeping your own safety in mind could be critical to stop a bad situation from getting worse.

How to Handle Fire or Gas Risks Post-Accident

If a vehicle appears to be at risk of catching on fire or if a gas line has been struck, letting the authorities know this immediately gives them the best possible chance of stopping any further damage or injuries sustained.

Unfortunately, the risk for serious injuries skyrockets when a gas line or power line is involved in an accident. Try to get away from the physical area of the accident as quickly as possible but do not hesitate to contact the police immediately in order to notify them about the situation. Do not attempt to take the situation into your own hands, as fires or gas leaks can escalate quickly.

Your notification and removing yourself from the immediate area of the accident while still staying in the general vicinity protects you from being accused of leaving the scene of the accident while also removing yourself from the immediate harm of a potential fire or other danger.

Suffering from an accident like this can have devastating repercussions. You might be facing costly medical bills or be unable to return to work, uncertain about your own financial future. The law recognizes that a personal injury accident in Milwaukee like this can do serious damage and change your life forever, and that’s why you have rights as a victim. This includes filing a lawsuit to request damages. If successful, compensation from a suit like this may allow you to put your life back together and focus on recovery.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a serious accident or someone else’s negligence is at fault, contact an experienced Milwaukee personal injury lawyer to discuss your options today.

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