Milwaukee Mother Charged After Near-Fatal Dog Attack on Infant

After a near-fatal dog attack rocked the Milwaukee WI area last week, the mother of the infant child who was serious injured was criminally charged. 27-year-old Angelina Lache faces charges of child neglect (bodily harm), child neglect (misdemeanor), obstructing an officer, and misdemeanor intimidation of a victim.

According to the complaint, the Milwaukee police responded to a car accident near 16th and Rogers in Milwaukee around 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday night. They found Lache behind the wheel of one of the cars involved in the crash, acting “frantic, screaming that her baby . . . was injured, not from the car accident, but from being attacked by a dog.” An officer saw the child had “visible bite wounds all over the upper region of his body,” and the child was taken to a hospital immediately.

Two investigators later spoke with Lache alone, who told them  she “left her two sons . . . home alone . . . while she went to the store to get milk.” Similarly, her 8-year-old son told investigators that the family dog, Ace, “got crazy” and “bit his baby brother.” The older boy tried to stop the dog attack, but could not get the dog to stop biting his brother. When Lache returned home, she found her infant son laying on his back “with a large gash on his chest.”

Currently, the three-month-old boy remains in pediatric intensive care as a result of his injuries sustained in the Milwaukee dog attack. If convicted of the most serious charges levied against her, Lache faces up to six years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Milwaukee WI Dog Bite Lawsuit Attorneys

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