Jaguar Driver Charged In Bicyclist Concussion Case

John F. Dohm, a 61-year-old, has been charged with two counts of second degree reckless endangerment as two cyclists were struck on Fitchburg Road suffering concussions.

The car had passed the cyclist and then stopped as they gestured to him. Words were exchanged as the bikers passed the vehicle and the driver later approached from behind causing injury and some scuffing damage to the side of the car.

The determination of driver recklessness will come down to the question: was the duty to exercise ordinary care, as well as traffic laws in Wisconsin obeyed? Another key question to answer is whether the driver recklessly caused the accident and the resulting injuries.

Eye witness accounts can be key in accidents like this, as well as examination of any possible failure to exercise care by the bicyclists. Accidents involving bicyclists can lead to serious injuries because even wearing helmets or other protective gear, bicyclists can be thrown from their vehicle and into oncoming traffic or other stationary objects.

Some of the most common injuries associated with these kinds of accidents are head and neck injuries. which can have ramifications for many years to come. Any cyclist who has been a victim in an accident with a vehicle should be checked out by a medical professional fully and then speak to a knowledgeable Wisconsin bicycle accident attorney.

If the other driver’s recklessness caused the accident, you could be eligible to file for compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Sadly, despite the fact that cycling has become more popular not only for leisure but for getting to work and other necessary errands, individuals are still hurt on Wisconsin roads every day while riding bicycles.

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