Mistakes You Can Make When Trying To Settle Your Wisconsin Personal Injury Claim on Your Own

If you attempt to handle your own car accident claim in Wisconsin, you could find yourself making big mistakes that can impact you for many years to come. Severe injury cases and cases involving fatalities require the experience of a knowledgeable attorney. Read on to learn more about the biggest mistakes that a victim might make in the wake of an accident.

Asking For Too Much or Too Little

The consequences of asking too little might seem obvious, but it can also be detrimental to you if you ask for too much in your demand letter. Sending this out can indicate that you don’t understand your accident case value. Speaking with an attorney, however, can give you an overview of what your case is actually worth.

Giving a Recorded Statement

The majority of insurance claims adjusters might request that a victim provide a recorded statement before an official settlement offer is made. An insurance adjustor, however, does not always have your best interests in mind.

You may need an attorney to help represent you and navigate through the claims process with your own insurance company as well as to give you advice about filing a personal injury claim. Anything you say in a recorded statement could be used against you or taken out of context. This is something you should only do after consulting with your attorney.

Approving the Insurance Company’s Offer That Claims To Be Final

In many situations, an insurance company might indirectly or directly represent that their offer is a final one. If you are representing yourself, you don’t know when this is the case and you don’t have the proper leverage to push for a higher offer because the insurance company knows that without a lawyer you are unlikely to sue. Taking the final offer that doesn’t actually take your situation into account could hurt you in a major way.

Believing That the Insurance Company Is Being Fair To You

While you might think that because you pay the insurance company every single month that they have your best interests in mind, this is not always the case. The insurance company is out to protect their bottom line and to minimize the damages they have to pay out on your case. This is why they will often strive to get that recorded statement from you to use as much as possible from it in order to minimize your claim.

Not knowing how to interact with the insurance company can be very detrimental to the final award you receive. Entrust this portion of your case to a knowledgeable Wisconsin personal injury lawyer who can help you determine when the company is being reasonable and when it isn’t.

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