Is An Apartment Fire A Liability Issue?

Eight people were displaced as the result of an apartment fire near 110th in Hampton Avenue in Milwaukee on Sunday morning, November 22nd.

As the cause of the apartment fire is under investigation still, it is important to remember that tenant and landlord both have responsibilities and that either one of these individuals could bear ultimate responsibility for an accident that leads to serious injuries and damages. The landlord is responsible for fixtures and plumbing in the apartment.

Is It the Landlord’s Fault?

If found liable for negligent maintenance, the landlord could bear all of the tenant’s cost associated with personal property, lost wages, rental of another apartment and expenses incidental to that rental. This is why the investigation after an apartment fire is critical because it could determine who is responsible in terms of liability and this could impact the outcome of the case. Both parties are likely to want a comprehensive investigation to learn more about their rights.

What is the Tenant Responsible For?

The tenant is responsible for personal property replacement and renter’s insurance to cover this is normally quite inexpensive. All tenants in Wisconsin should consider having rental insurance anyways and many landlords require it as part of their rental agreement.

Where Liability Connects to Fire Causes

Some of the most common causes of an apartment fire in Milwaukee include faulty wiring or bad appliances. A tenant might not even be aware of the risk posed by these issues and may only learn about them too late after a fire has started. Although a tenant should always have renter’s insurance to cover any potential losses, you may need to speak with a Milwaukee personal injury attorney to determine whether or not the landlord has any liability in a case like this.

Gather up any documents regarding rental inspections and outside repairment entering the facility. If you or your roommates reported issues with the apartment and those were not addressesd, having proof of those as well can be important for establishing liability.

If the tenant is responsible for the fire, structural repair must be covered financially. As there are frequently complex issues in determining who is responsible for an apartment fire, it is in your best interest to comply with any and all investigations and to consult with a Milwaukee personal injury attorney to determine whether you bear any additional liability. Although the time after an incident like this may feel overwhelming and confusing, make sure you have protected your rights by speaking with an experienced attorney to learn more about your options.

Injuries sustained during a fire can be serious; make sure you have been evaluated by a medical professional to determine a proper course of treatment. Contact our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys to get a free case evaluation if you think that you have suffered any losses in a house or apartment fire.

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